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Pirate Ophelia (paperback)

Pirate Ophelia (paperback)

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Written by our own founder in 2016, Pirate Ophelia tells the story of a young woman in her journey to become a pirate.  Join Ophelia as she climbs through the ranks and discovers new friends that become like family to her.  Share her struggle and grief when her new family is torn apart, thrown on opposite sides when a pirate hunt turns into something else.  Will her pirate family ever be reunited, or will they kill each other in a final sea battle?

All copies sold through Addicted Geeks are signed by Jen before they ship.

Book summary: Ophelia had always dreamed of someday becoming a pirate, so she took the first opportunity she had to become part of a crew, sailing as a low-rank privateer for the English.  However, a mutiny soon gives her a new captain, giving her the opportunity to fulfill her long-time dream of having her own ship.  But things start to go bad as her friends—those whom she considers to be her family—are torn apart, forced to fight each other as the struggle for control begins to show itself and lies are brought to the surface.

Pirate Ophelia is a novella for those who enjoy a good story and for anyone who has a bit of a pirate hidden within them.

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