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Mythical Realms Scylla

Mythical Realms Scylla

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An irresistible terror, Scylla lived across a narrow strait from the equally dangerous Charybdis. As with most tales from the past, the exact details differ, but most writers agree Scylla was once a woman and turned into a monster because of jealousy.

Gorgeous yet terrifying. That’s how sailors of days’ past spoke of Scylla—a ferocious but irresistible monster of the sea. With snarling heads and tentacles and the face of a goddess, it’s easy to see why this was true.

Standing 4 inches tall and 4 ½ inches in diameter, Scylla is similar in size and shape to a very large grapefruit. Her tentacles are ocean-foam blue, while the snarling heads about her waist are grey-black with glowing red eyes.

The Scylla is part of the Safari Ltd Mythical Realms® collection.

Non-toxic and BPA free

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