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Mythical Realms Harpy

Mythical Realms Harpy

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Harpies are figures in Greek and Roman mythology with features of both human women and birds. They are wind spirits, and are particularly known for snatching food from travelers.

This Harpy figure is spreading her wings to swoop down on unsuspecting travelers, perhaps to steal their food. This individually hand-painted figure combines intricately sculpted feathers with smooth human features and scaly, clawed bird-like legs and feet.

Our Harpy figure features a wingspan of just over 5 1/2 inches and stands nearly 4 inches tall. She’s got pearly, blue-white hair, and her feathers are three different shades of blue. The scales and talons on her legs and feet are golden, and her skin is a light tan color.

The Harpy is part of the Safari Ltd Mythical Realms® collection.

Non-toxic and BPA free

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