Our Team


Jen Sullivan is the founder and owner of Addicted Geeks.  She came up with the idea and started getting information on opening a business in 2019 while working as a store manager for a craft company.  After leaving that job, she was able to dedicate some time to her idea and the Addicted Geeks' website was born in 2020.

Currently, all computer repair services are performed by Jen, though we stopped advertising this in late 2021 due to lack of interest and commitment from clients.  She still does some computer repair, but mostly for family and friends.

Jen has been playing video games since she was a small child, beginning with ColecoVision and up through the console generations.  Gaming is her main hobby, but she does make time to write, spend time with her family and pets, and maintain her flower garden.


Inventory Expert and Assistant to the Owner

Kenneth is our main inventory guy and acts as Jen's assistant when needed.  His experience in retail inventory control makes him the perfect match for our need for inventory accuracy.

Though still a work in progress, Kenneth has been trying to perfect dice making so he can make custom dice sets for tabletop gaming.  He is a Dungeons and Dragons player, as well as an avid fan of video games.


Shipping Assistant

Maggi is the one who delivers most of our outgoing orders to UPS and USPS...when she isn't traveling across the country visiting relatives.  She is a long-time fan of the original Star Trek, is a Star Wars fan, and recently discovered her love for The Walking Dead and various Norse-themed streaming shows.




Currently, Addicted Geeks is comprised of those who want to volunteer their time to help build a business.  Because we are a young business, we are unable to hire employees at this time.