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Born during the COVID-19 pandemic, Addicted Geeks opened its website in September 2020 as a dropshipping and computer repair business.  However, we transitioned from dropshipping to buying inventory and shipping from our single location in order to better control the quality of products we carry as a reflection of our brand.  We want our customers to know that we care about them and want to offer them the best selection of products we can.

Addicted Geeks began as an idea formed during the final days of Toys R Us in 2018.  As geeks, where were we supposed to buy our fun toys after our beloved toy store closed?  Toys R Us was the place we always loved going to as kids, and then later loved shopping for our collectible action figures as adults.  Then Jen, our founder, had an idea: a store focused entirely on all the stuff we want.  A store without the annoying marketing and questionable sales tactics of big companies.  A store built by geeks specifically for geeks.

Currently, our entire retail operation is online only.  Our headquarters are located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, where we also offer some basic computer repair.  As our business grows, we will be adding more products created by local artisans, such as themed jewelry, dice sets for Dungeons & Dragons, and other handcrafted items.  We are geeks with talented skills.  The possibilities are endless!  We are still a small startup company, but we have a lot of hope for the future.

We hope to someday achieve our dream: a physical retail location with enough extra space for D&D games and classic game nights (both board and video games).  We love our hobbies, and we want to share that passion with all of our customers!