A Personal Note

This past year has been a tough one for both me and Addicted Geeks.  I struggle with anxiety and depression, and after health concerns forced me out of a literal toxic work environment, we have been struggling financially.  Unfortunately, this means less new inventory for Addicted Geeks until I can secure a steady source of income again.  However, Addicted Geeks has held its own for most of the year, and our holiday sales helped us to pay the rent on our home in December.  For that I am eternally grateful to the customers who chose to purchase from us rather than some huge corporation.

I have always been the type of manager who is open and honest with both customers and employees, as well as upper management when necessary.  Addicted Geeks will be entering its third year and I hope this is the year we finally turn a profit.  There were times when I wanted to just give up, like when a customer accused us of knowingly selling black-market goods.  We converted from dropshipping to avoid those types of products, but sometimes we still do not get what we expect when we purchase through various sellers and vendors.  When we feel an item does not meet our own expectations, we either discount it with a disclaimer or we just don’t list it.  We have never purposefully misled our customers and we never will—this company was created as a place for geeks to find unique items without the lies from a corporation.  If it isn’t something I would want for myself, I’m not going to try to sell it to you.

After two years of not writing for my Addicted Geeks blog, I have decided to return to the idea, if not just to better connect with customers and show that I am not like those big companies who just want your money.  I want you to find something you want, whether it’s a funny t-shirt, a geeky wallet (which seem to be our best sellers), a fun toy, or a gift for someone who matters to you.

As of this writing, our inventory is limited, but we hope that 2023 brings us growth and better luck.  Either way, we are extremely thankful for those who have shopped with us in the past and hope that we can better connect with our customers, both old and new.
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