A Letter to Our Customers

Hello fellow Geeks!

It is unfortunate that I must bring you some disheartening news so close to the holidays.  Addicted Geeks has sadly fallen to the side in my life right now as I return to college and continue the struggle to find a steady paying job.  I have always been honest with my customers, and I will continue to do so in the future.

As much as I love the idea of being self-employed and not having to answer to corporate rules, Addicted Geeks has had a really rough year.  Between inflation driving up the costs of essential goods and Google burying our product listings below a mountain of cheap goods from companies like Temu, we have seen our sales significantly drop.

We have tried so many things to get our customers to come back to us.  We tried a loyalty program, online chat help, special discounts, and so on.  We remain lost in the e-commerce world among the millions of listings for inferior products.  It is extremely frustrating to watch our young business start to grow and then rapidly take a dive.

As we enter the holiday season, my debate about whether or not to leave Shopify has returned to me, and I am already planning the transition to Square—that is assuming that Square’s prices do not increase like Shopify’s did this year.  Switching to Square will make it easier for us to do in-person selling at local events, taking the main focus off of the website.  I am an Android Geek and despise all things Apple, and Shopify does not make it easy to use their credit card readers with Android devices.  There are many features I like about Shopify, and I hope someday to return to it, but now is the time to step back and reassess while I work toward finishing my degree.

We have no plans to disappear forever, only to take a break for a little while and focus on life and school.  Just like the Terminator, we’ll be back!

Thank you to those who have supported us over the last three years.  Let’s end this year on a good note: don’t miss our holiday sale November 19th through December 2nd!

Jen Sullivan, Owner of Addicted Geeks

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