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Jen in her Slytherin Quidditch gear, early 2000sJen in her Slytherin Quidditch gear, early 2000s


I’m sure some of you wonder how we choose what to sell on our site.  It’s easy.  As I gamer and tech geek, I just shop for what I would probably want to buy and then add those items.  There are a few things that I’m not really into and were chosen based on friends and family suggestions.  For now, our site is serving as a sort of testing ground.  I keep track of what sells and what doesn’t so that in the future I know what to stock and what to skip.

Currently, most of our products ship from overseas.  This was the only way we could get this business started.  The downside is of course the shipping times, which are unfortunately worse right now due to COVID-19.  Eventually we will have a local inventory that will ship from our location in Lebanon Pennsylvania.  Until then, we must all just be patient.

If you’ve shopped with us, you probably noticed that some of our products have quite a unique description.  We do hope to someday have that for all of them, but, for now, we only have one writer, which is me, and I am quite a busy person.  Not as busy as I used to be back when I was a store manager for a boring company, but still pretty busy.  The difference is the time I put into Addicted Geeks is enjoyable for me, as it should be.  I get a little too involved in finding and listing new products than taking time to come up with a witty description for all of them immediately.  Plus I have to get my game time in with my husband.

To our customers and followers: we thank you very much for giving us your time and your patronage.  Even if you’re just looking and reading our posts.  We are still very new and trying to get our brand out there, so even if you’re just here to read my rantings, know that we appreciate it.  Share our posts, tell your friends, get the word out because we are dedicated to geeks like us.  We want them to be as happy with Addicted Geeks as we are, whether that is by finding a new favorite t-shirt or making new friends with similar interests.

As for our products, if there is something you are looking for or if you make something you would like to sell through us, contact us at

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