The Birth of an Idea

Rocky Ridge park with Three Mile Island in the background; York, Pennsylvania, March 18, 2018
Rocky Ridge park with Three Mile Island in the background; York, Pennsylvania, March 18, 2018


I knew for years that I wanted my own business, I just wasn’t sure where to begin.  I had ideas, but all of them required space and a lot of money up front, of which I had neither.  I wasn’t committed to any of them.  Not until it hit me, and it wouldn’t have happened without the downfall of Toys R Us.

On March 18, 2018 I visited my childhood Toys R Us in York, Pennsylvania for the last time.  That was before they started discounting everything.  I knew what I wanted: a new train set, preferably O-Gauge, but HO-Gauge would be fine.  Sadly, there were no model trains to be found.  I did find some things I wanted, just not enough to fulfill the void I knew Toys R Us would leave in my heart.  I bought myself a stuffed plush Ender Dragon, a plush Luigi, a Toothless action figure, and my husband decided he wanted a large, expensive Deadpool figure.

We headed to the checkout and I cried.  I loved that place so much, even though I hadn’t been there in years.  I had so many memories: picking out Barbies and stuffed animals, getting my Cabbage Patch Kid when she came in, getting our NES, taking the paper slips to buy video games, buying my N64, visiting the store to get a rare Pokémon, and so much more, yet it still wasn’t enough.  I wasn’t done.

I later bought a plush of each of the Eevee evolutions from the Toys R Us website, sent my mother to the store in the town where she worked looking for the Link plush I regretted not buying at the York store, and went to the store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with my then best friend.  Anything I thought maybe I wanted at the Lancaster store, I bought.  I didn't want to feel that I missed out on something I would later want.  I have no regrets.

It was then that I realized what I actually wanted: a geek store.  A place where people like me can find the fun stuff we want, the collector’s items we love, the apparel we like to wear, and anything else we desire.  A place where you can buy toys and people don’t look at you like you are weird.  A place where geeks can hang out with other geeks.  Where they can play games and socialize with people with similar interests and hobbies.  That place didn't exist, so I would create it.  And I will.

That is my dream, and my online store is just the beginning.

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