A Geek's Thoughts

  • Red Dead Redemption II

    We couldn't go much longer without a post dedicated to one of our favorite game series.  Red Dead Redemption and its sequel provide us with in-depth characters, a wide open world, and a memorable story revolving around two unforgettable men: Arthur Morgan and John Marston.  This post does contain spoilers, so wait until you've finished your old west travels before reading on.
  • Pirate Ophelia

    The story of the pirate Ophelia goes much deeper than many realize.  The events were inspired by real-life situations, and the entire book was a written as way for the author to relieve built up stress and anxiety.
  • Thanksgiving with Grandma

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This week I am reminded of my grandma's wonderful cooking, the only thing I ever liked about the holiday.
  • Assassin's Creed

    With the release of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, I am reminded of the history of the series and the hours I spent playing the games.  The games have changed over the years and, for better or worse, are very different than they were in the beginning.  No matter how much they change, we each have our favorites that will always remain with us as the series evolves over the years.
  • My Husband

    Online dating can be a scary event.  It can also help you to find happiness as it did for these two geeks.  Celebrating three years of marriage, sometimes you just have to branch out to find the right person.
  • A Gamer Wife

    In today's world, gamer wives are not as rare as they used to be.  Fortunately for my husband, I not only enjoy playing video games, but play several of the same games he does, letting us spend time together in a virtual world.
  • The Legend of Zelda

    I grew up with The Legend of Zelda and saw it change over the past 33 years.
  • A Woman in a Man's Game World

    I grew up when girl gamers were rare and often looked down on as weird.  That didn't stop me from playing the games I loved.  In this post, I go through what many of us female gamers experienced as online gaming evolved and became popular.
  • Evolution of a Gamer

    Back in the early 1980s, little girls weren't supposed to play video games.  That didn't stop one little girl who grew up as video games started to enter homes and grow into the massive industry we all know and love.
  • Red Dead or No Man's Sky: The Struggle is Real

    We gamers have too little time and too many good games to play.  Only the new Origins update for No Man's Sky could drag me away from Red Dead Online after it's last update.
  • Building Collections of Merchandise

    How do we select what products to sell?  Simple: a geek is picking them out!  Gaming, movies, television, and other random items.  Read Jen's new post about building our database and find out how to contact us if you are looking for something in particular.

  • The Birth of an Idea

    The idea born during the demise of my beloved toy store.  A place for geeks created by geeks.  How Addicted Geeks came to be and my dream for it's future.